barrio boy                                                     8 min.

directed by Dennis Shinners

Haircuts, hip-hop and homo-sex on the down-low.  A Latino barber secretly falls in love with his handsome customer on a hot and sweaty afternoon in a macho Brooklyn hood.

Link to Trailer

one two three two one                                 6 min.

directed by Erin Babbin

The lustful story of a chance flirtatious encounter that forces a woman to choose between her current beau and a sly temptress.

stop calling me honey bunny                    11 min.

directed by Gabrielle Zilkha

A pair of lovers whose relationship is cooling try everything to heat it back up.  

the horizon ep. 25                                            8 min.     

produced by Brian Cobb; written and directed by Boaz Stark

In the Opener of the current season, Jake and Mikey have to deal with the results of their HIV tests, Wilma has to face that fact that his mother will never approve of his drag persona, and other characters deal with their own problems. 

THE HORIZON, EP. 24                                          10 MIN.

produced by Brian Cobb; written and directed by Boaz Stark

This Australian Web Series has over 20 million views, is totally gay, and it's coming to America.  In this episode, which ends Season 3, our two main characters, Jake and Mickey, go for a rapid result HIV test....

spooners​                                                   13 min.

directed by Bryan Horch

After convincing his husband to retire their beloved, lumpy futon, Nelson is forced to come out in a spectacular way while shopping for a new bed.

Link to film

One of the things we love about film is its ability to present adventure in the most unlikely places.  A walk in the park turns dangerous; crashing with the perfect couple turns into a roller coaster ride; a young man goes to war; a family dinner is full of pitfalls; a janitor in a gay bar encounters magic; adventures in internet dating; spending a whole day with an ersatz Madonna; a young girl discovers things aren't always what they seem; and a man's visit to a mattress store turns into a trial by fire.  Like love, ADVENTURE is where you find it.

Happy birthday cindy wei                         10 min.

directed by Teveta Lozanova 

Fifteen-year-old school underdog Cindy Wei takes her first steps towards building up confidence and overcoming her lack of cultural identity by the discovery of her mysterious cousin Michael’s well kept secret.

Vimeo Trailer

If we took a holiday                               18 min.

directed by Glenn Gaylord

To make his birthday special, she agreed to impersonate Madonna... all day long.  Let's hope they live to tell. 


You Tube Trailer

OUT                                                           9 min.

directed by Jeremy La Londe

Geoff is coming home to make an announcement.  His parents are prepared to hear that their son is gay, but Geoff's declaration is of a rather different nature: he's a vampire.

Saturday and Sunday 

September 20 and 21

4:00 and 8:00 p.m. each day

West Hollywood City council chambers

625 san vicente blvd. (at melrose)

west hollywood, ca 90069


CMG Mission Statement

California Men's Gatherings  (CMG) fosters
a safe, supportive community
where men challenge themselves to develop their
emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual and physical lives -
with as much fun as possible along the way!

We encourage you to read CMG's Core Values Statement as well!


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Adults only                                                   26 min.

directed by Michael Saul

Visions of a past relationship leave Matthew broken and isolated until an intimate encounter at a porn arcade opens a peephole to unexpected possibilities.

Link to film website 

what's your sign?                                         7 min.

directed by Alex Siow

The language of love does not need to be heard for these two young ladies to make a connection.

memories                                                        5 min.

directed by Kellen Chatman

On a particularly difficult day, a very old man ruminates about some painful choices he made as a youth.

Social butterfly                                          14 min.

directed by Lauren Wolkstein

A 30-year old woman enters into a teenage party in the South of France.  Some of the guests wonder who she is and what she's doing there.

Link to Film

Trailer... Teaser... Website

cruising electric (1980)                           2 min.

directed by Brumby Boylston

Goofy? or profound? Watch this insane commercial parody and make up your own mind... 

program two - wisdom - saturday, Sept. 20, 8:00 p.m.

In a film story, wisdom is often conspicuous by its absence.  This program begins with what should be the ultimate rejoinder to what was once a highly controversial film depiction of a gay subculture. Then a young man has to make a choice that may cost a friendship; a spurned lover finds wisdom about his ex; a daughter discovers something about her mom; a couple exhibit an utter lack of wisdom when their son's drawing sparks an intimate conversation; a young party crasher thinks she knows it all; an old man reflects on the unwise choices of his youth; two women on the prowl find out it's not always safe to speak in code; a man finds solace where most men only find sex; and it all boils down to a familiar bit of wisdom: you are what you eat.

Housebroken                                               15 min.

directed by Wade Gasque

A hopeless romantic learns a thing or two about relationships when he gets too close to the "perfect couple."

Link to trailer for Compilation containing film

Woof                                                                4 min.

directed by Rich Yap

Cruising in the park.  Who is the pursuer and who is the pursued?  

​Vimeo Link


in the Public/Park Parking Structure on El Tovar

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All proceeds donated to










Acceptance -- others accept us, we accept others, we accept ourselves.  And when the context is acceptance as the last of the five stages of grief, we accept the inevitable.  In Surprise, a young man and his mother reveal difficult truths; then a woman accepts her shortcomings by engaging her own gay sidekick; in the acclaimed web series THE HORIZON, two men the audience has been following for three seasons finally go for their HIV test; then two amorous rabbits have to accept that some of the sexual frisson has gone from their relationship; a man has to sit and watch as a woman hijacks his intended conquest; a hair stylist thinks about -- but never voices -- his feelings for a customer; and the famous AA serenity prayer is given yet another test.  A LAST FAREWELL presents the most painful aspect of acceptance; and in the end, all will be well as long as we remember to accept others in one big, happy family.


available men                                              8 min.

directed by David Dean Bottrell

Our "golden oldie" from 2006, when it won a slew of awards.    A classic comedy of mistaken identity.

Link to purchase film (Amazon)

Yeah, kowalski!                                               10 min.

directed by Evan Roberts

Gabe is a late bloomer whose attempts to impress Shane, a more mature classmate, get him into a hairy situation.

Dik                                                                   7 min.

directed by Christopher Stollery

The concerned father of a six-year old boy takes it the wrong way..




Secrets & toys                                          12 min.

directed by Quentin Lee

A mother and daughter discover each other's secrets through a comedy of errors, and learn to accept themselves and each other.

narcissist                                                   17 min.

directed by Eric Casaccio

Sometimes one must experience darkness to find a true authentic light.  When Rob dumps Evan, Evan's downward spiral takes him to a place of truth, while Rob descends into his own midlife crisis.

part of me                                                    7 min.

directed by Daniel Flores

The friendship of two dancers is put to the test when Darren's sister objects to him starring in a ballet opposite Uriel, a trans girl. 

click                                                           18 min.              

directed by Chris Chew

When Darcy gets her heart broken, her friends concoct a plan to get revenge on the heartbreaker, and also to get Darcy fast hookups via online dating sites.  Mayhem ensues.

zolushka                                                     7 min.

directed by Wes Hurley

The Cinderella story, as you have never imagined it: in a gay bar.  And OH! that glass slipper!

Lady of the night                                       10 min.

directed by Laurent Boileau; created by Attie Albertus

​The annual dinner commemorating the death of Cornelius revives Samuel’s memories. Tormented by regret and misunderstood by all, he never revealed his homosexuality to Cornelius’s family. After they leave, Samuel retires to his room and becomes a Queen of the Night, in tribute to his lost love.

Program one - adventure - Saturday, Sept. 20, 4:00 p.m.

our 2014 sponsors


All proceeds of the CMG SHORT FILM FESTIVAL are donated to AIDS Walk Los Angeles 2014

​This program is presented with the generous support of the City of West Hollywood through its Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission. For more information on the City's arts programs, please visit and

sex date                                                          15 min.

directed by John Sobrack

A man pursued by the law finds more than refuge from the streets when he is mistaken for another man's online hookup.


Link to film

cafe au lait                                                     7 min.

directed by Brandy Silva

Sam is a genderfluid individual who confuses people on a daily basis.  When Sam goes to a cafe and does something as simple as order coffee, they meet opposition.  But Sam knows that sometimes the coffee has to dry in the sun.

SNAFU -- a World War II slang term meaning "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up" -- is still in use today, and refers to any ridiculously chaotic situation or (in the words of Wiktionary) a "major glitch or breakdown."  Apt words for a boy entering puberty who goes to desperate lengths to speed up the process; an asian guy who tries to delve into the mysteries of "rice" and "potatoes;"  a genderfluid individual who confounds bullies; a guy running from the police who is mistaken for a man's expected internet hookup; two hotties who get together for sex, only to discover they're both tops; a woman grieving for her not-so-departed child; and a Danish boy a few days shy of the age of consent.  And in the classic Available Men, two sets of men who have appointments to meet a stranger, meet the wrong one, and never know it.  The kind of stuff that happens every day, right?  Let's hope not.

fruit song                                                        3 min.

directed by Angie West

An enactment of Mark Bunyan's infamous Fruit Song starring Mark Bunyan as the grocer.  Saucy musical romp featuring Mr. Bunyan's favorite, the Cox Apple.  



family restaurant                                   11 min.

directed by Jamison Hebert

In a magical family restaurant where the table items come to life at night, a grumpy toothpick dispenser learns a lesson in friendship.

a last farewell                                          13 min.

directed by Casper Andreas

An aging author struggles with sorrow and grief while dealing with the death of his husband and moving forward with the strained relationship he has with his pregnant daughter. 



gaysian                                                                9 min.

directed by Austin Wong

When a gay Asian man notices that many gay men take a "no Asians" stance, he explores the issue with his friends and discovers that we all bring prejudices into the bedroom. 

Link to film

Program three - snafu - sunday, sept. 21, 4:00 p.m.










happy birthday                                          26 min.

directed by Lasse Nielsen

In Denmark, where the age of consent is 15, life can be frustrating for a 14-year old boy.

Link to Film Website

squared                                                         15 min.

directed by Hieu Tran

Two guys make it home for some hot sex, and only then discover that they're both tops! How will they determine which of them winds up in the driver's seat tonight?









gps                                                                        8 min.

directed by Michael Serrato

If you're not getting all you want out of life, maybe what you need is your own GPS -- not a Global Positioning System; a Gay Personal Sidekick!  But do mind the cautions list. 

surprise                                                                9 min.

directed by Leslie Bumgarner

A young man's mother has to work hard to give him some news he doesn't really want to hear.

you're dead to me                                       10 min.

directed by Wu Tsang

What if death gave you a second chance? Andrea, a grieving Chicana mother, confronts an uninvited family member before her Dia de los Muertos celebration.  By night's end, death offers her a choice that she couldn't make in life.  WINNER OF JURY AWARD FOR BEST PERFORMANCE BY A WOMAN.

Advance tickets:

Single Program $10

Festival Pass (all four programs, Sept. 20-21) $35

​MENSWALK members Single Program $8

MENSWALK members Festival Pass $28




waiting for yvette                                    14 min.

directed by Justin Ross

A gay man attends his last AA meeting before becoming a woman.