Volunteer opportunities for this year's festival:

Day of event volunteer posts:  

LOTS of positions available, ushering, ticket taking, traffic directing, etc.  Volunteers get to see the films for the programs they help with.  Number of t-shirts is limited, so preference will be given to volunteers who can do three or four of the programs, but it's worth responding even if you can only do two.  To volunteer, scroll down and fill out the form.  

​We are particularly in need of a TECH SPECIALIST who knows his or her way around playback equipment and can remember where the "PLAY" button is to set our programs in motion.  This person must be willing to stay for the whole four programs, as well as the Q+A sessions, where he/she will switch the sound over to live microphones. 

DUTIES: Attend training session with our contact in the City and learn to operate the equipment needed to show the films and do the Q+A's.  You should be at least somewhat tech-savvy to start with.


If you would like to participate at a more highly involved level in this year's festival, let us know.  we have plenty of opportunities well in advance of the festival dates.

We are looking for volunteers to help distribute festival materials, solicit sponsors, provide vehicular assistance for getting materials from one place to another, and even more advanced roles such as trailer developer, collaterals coordinator, and so forth.  

​Please email us (cmgfilmfest@outlook.com) or fill out the form below if you have an interest in helping out prior to the Festival itself.  Advance volunteers will of course be comped for Festival programs.  In the "message" area of the form, give us a clue what kind of help you can provide.  We'll be in touch to arrange a good fit.  THANKS!