The 2019 CMG Short Film Festival is open for business, and we need help in many areas, as always.  Particularly valuable, pre-festival, are people with the following skills or assets:

                                    Graphic Design


​                                    Vehicle for pickups, drop-offs, etc.

                                    Personable and willing to help distribute materials

​                                    Film Editing/ Trailer Producer

                                    Social Media Development

If you have any of these, and want to help out, we will be most grateful for your assistance.  Complete the form below and hit submit. We'll contact you.

Volunteer opportunities for this year's festival:

As an all-volunteer organization, we welcome volunteers both in the area of Festival Production and Presentation, on the one hand, and on our Selection Committee and Jury, on the other.  To be considered for Selection Committee or Jury, please email the Festival with a short biography (for jurors; see the 2017 film lineup for examples) and statement of interest.  To help with producing and managing the Festival, see below:

Day of event volunteer posts:  

LOTS of positions available, ushering, ticket taking, traffic directing, event photographer, etc.  Volunteers get to see the films for the programs they help with.  Number of t-shirts is limited, so preference will be given to volunteers who can do three or four of the programs, but it's worth responding even if you can only do two.  To volunteer, scroll down and fill out the form.  


If you would like to participate at a more highly involved level in this year's festival, let us know.  we have plenty of opportunities well in advance of the festival dates.  

We are always looking for volunteers to help distribute festival materials, solicit sponsors, provide vehicular assistance for getting materials from one place to another, and even more advanced roles such as trailer developer, collaterals coordinator, and so forth.  

We used to have a FORM here for volunteers to complete, but we've learned that it's not working. Still want to volunteer?  Just email Festival Director Jim Hoffman at